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Risk Management Training Exercise Services

Murlin has detailed experience in developing and delivering challenging Training Exercises from a basic section up to the corporate level. Table Top Exercises, Communications Exercises, and Disaster Drills are designed to specifically address security and emergency planning and the ability to execute properly. Exercises have benefitted several organizations as they are a cost effective way to test security plans and procedures using minimal assets.   Here is a brief list of our Training Services.

Training Exercises

Murlin facilitates training for your organization using Communication Exercises (COMMEXs), Table Top Exercises (TTXs), and more detailed drills such as a Full Exercise (FEX) to examine the roles and interaction of your organizations leadership during an incident. The exercises test emergency actions and the decision making process. They also measure knowledge of your security plan by those who must use it, and how well it is administered during a training environment that is very close to an actual emergency situation. 

After Action Review of Training

Murlin provides a detailed review of post training exercise results in a full debriefing. It highlights what went well, what did not go as good, and what failed to happen. This is done for all the positions exercised during the training.

Improvement Planning

Murlin will use the results of your training exercise (detailed in the After Action Review) to work with you to develop your Improvement Plan (IP). The IP is designed to correct deficiencies in procedures, or better improve the processes. 

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