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" Wow ! I have taken many courses but i have to say that this ranks with the best that I’ve EVER taken ! Well done! " 

" Mr. Harlin’s style and quick-wit is like no other.

I learned more on this course about Interviewing than I have learned in my entire career. Excellent ! " 

" What a funny man. He has a great way of making his point. Oh ..... he knows alot too! " 

" I enjoyed the course. I think the portion on patrol vehicle stops and how to Interview people as a uniformed officer was amazing. I have some new ideas now ... Interviewing can be done on avehicle stop also. " 

" Greg’s experience and expertise shines through. This course could be a week long and I would still learn more. Thanks Greg. "

" I have been an Investigator for 20 years and I thought that I had seen it – and done it... I will use these tried techniques in my investigations" 

" Holy crap ! What a ride ! You can get nearly anyone to open up to I know how.

Thanks. Awesome course! " 

" I have taken the course twice now and I will probably take it again. I have used this training on the job and it really is amazing how it has helped with my debriefs and interviews of criminals. "



About a Table Top Exercise - 

"We thought that we could handle anything that you could throw at us for this Table Top Exercise - boy were we ever wrong! We learned alot and have started to make improvements thanks to the lessons learned in the exercise and your efforts."


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