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Murlin Consultants was established in 2001 to provide (2) core principles in the fields of training and critical incident infrastructure. First to provide realistic, practical and focus driven training in the topic areas regarding law enforcement, military, private security and first responder disciplines. Second to offer consultant initiatives relating to Corporate, Public Service and Private institutions that encompass a variety of "real need" comprehensive assessments and plan development dedicated towards countermeasures and proactive actionable initiatives to deal with a real or perceived threat.

Murlin Consultants has a team of Internationally recognized trainers as well as a core of security subject matter experts all whom have extensive credentials and specific related experiences that will ensure successful performances of their respective obligations and assignments.

Gregory J. Harlin, President & CEO


Gregory J. Harlin began his career as a Patrolman for the City of Beacon, New York Police Department in 1973 and also served as the Detective- in- charge of the Juvenile/Community Relations Division before becoming a New York State Trooper in 1978. While serving in the Juvenile/Community Relations Division, he is credited with developing and implementing numerous youth and community-based programs, which have been proven successful. He joined the New York State Police as a Uniformed Trooper in 1978 and rose to the rank of Senior Investigator. He has worked Undercover Narcotics Operations between 1983 through 1986 and was assigned as the Assistant Group Supervisor of the Cali Cartel Enforcement Unit between 1989 through 1991.  He was also assigned to Criminal Investigation Units in both Troop “F” and Troop “K.”  

On November 30, 2000, Greg retired as a Senior Investigator from the New York State Police, where his last assignment was as the Bureau of Criminal Investigation Training Coordinator. He was responsible for the development, implementation and generation of numerous training initiatives pertaining to Criminal, Narcotic and specialized investigation units of the New York State Police.  Three key training initiatives developed by Greg are his “Interview & Interrogation program, Courtroom Demeanor and Testimony program and the Office Safety/Dealing with Problem Individuals program.”      

Greg is a graduate of Dale Carnegie, University of Louisville Kentucky Juvenile Delinquent and Prevention School, Institute of Applied Science and is certified by the New York State Bureau of Municipal Police as a Master Instructor.  He is well versed, experienced and successful in the use and application of Interview and Interrogation techniques and has presented over (800)  instructional lectures to numerous Local, County, State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean since 1995.  

Greg is the recipient of three training awards in 1999; the New York State Police George M. Searle Memorial Award, the New York State Division of Parole Law Enforcement Recognition Award and the Hudson-Mohawk Chapter of the American Society for Training and development “Team Member Award.”    

            Greg was employed by the MAGLOCLEN Organization as a Law Enforcement Coordinator for the New York, Northeast Pennsylvania and Canada regions from 2000 to 2009 and conducted numerous training initiatives during his tenure with that organization.  Currently Greg is the President and CEO of MURLIN Consultants, is an adjunct instructor for the International Association of Chiefs of Police and continues to be a core instructor for the New York State Police. Greg has trained for LAW-TEC Consultants,  Multi-Counter Drugs Task Force Training of St. Petersburg, FL (MCTFT) and the U.S. Army 1st Brigade Combat Team and the 1st Battalion, 87th Infantry, 10th Mountain Division, Fort Drum, NY. Greg was a consultant for Rockefeller College, Albany, NY in the development of their “distant learning program in Interview & Interrogation Techniques” and was a consultant and interviewer for the HBO Special “Ask Dr. Baden Autopsy 10 – “Lady in the Lake” series.   

Colonel Donald V. Harlin Jr. (USMC Retired) (Executive Officer Field Operations)


Don has a varied background in the security and training fields. He was the senior security, risk management consultant to the Association of American Railroads (AAR) the past eight years. He has also worked with the Chemical Industry in performing vulnerability assessments and helping develop their own rail security plans. His track record of results and security improvements include: the development of the AAR Operations Center and the building of the national RAN – Railway Alert Network; the creation of the rail industry Training and Exercise Plan that defines its security training and exercise goals and objectives for the year; the enhanced Table Top Exercise program, and the exercise After Action Review and Improvement Plan, a process adopted by the Association and its members.  To enhance the security training experience he developed the exercise COFAC system – (controller/facilitator). Based on the exercise Master Scenario, individuals from each railroad are trained (IT and Operation) to assist in the creation of the specific detailed exercise scenario at the local level for each railroad. This enabled a simultaneous training exercise of the Class 1 railroads all across the nation that focused on the goals established in the Industry Training and Exercise Plan. This has been an overwhelming success in delivering challenging security training and more importantly in developing lessons learned for improvement.

Don has also developed (working directly with police chiefs and security leadership of the railroads) an Audit Matrix tool that has simplified for them a process to measure their compliance with security plan countermeasures’ and alert level actions. He continued to build more robust communication capability that included secure telephones, satellite communication links, and redundant COOP site capability for the AAR Operations Center located in Washington, DC. 

While in the Marine Corps, Don was the Commanding Officer and Assistant Chief of Staff for Security and Safety for the USMC Base at Camp Pendleton, CA. He has expertise in all areas of management at senior level, and has worked through natural disasters such as flooding and wildfires aboard the Base in his capacity as Assistant Chief of Staff for Safety and Security. In addition to daily security and safety issues he also worked through emergencies to assist with expediting evacuation and relocation of aircraft, people, and material from flood prone areas in high risk situations. His responsibilities included directing the efforts of the Fire, Police, Corrections, and Safety Departments. At the Pentagon he was a senior level staff officer with responsibility for working civilian and military law enforcement issues - collaborating with FBI, US Customs, US Border Patrol, USCG, DIA, CIA, and the Armed Services. He has expert knowledge of government and military requirements in counter narcotic law enforcement environments. 




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