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Security Planning and Plan Development


Murlin stands ready to team with you to produce a comprehensive security plan that ensures your essential services and the people who use them are reasonably protected against terrorist threats.  Together we will examine and prioritize assets, vulnerabilities, and threats to your infrastructure, along with the details – the countermeasures necessary to provide essential facility/infrastructure security.  



Threats to public safety remain a continuous concern to those in leadership positions in the public and private sector. Murlin can challenge your organization through specially built security training scenarios tailored for your use (to exercise current directives, plans, and procedures). These scenarios are designed to measure your organizations response and action.  Using your current security plan, these drills are reviewed, analyzed and compared to roles and missions identified in your current plan. Final Action reviews pinpoint what went well and where improvement efforts should be focused.  These training exercises are invaluable and are designed specifically for you, and are adjusted to keep each participant undergoing the training at their peak.


Our Drill and Exercise Design has been used to:

-          exercise current, and future standard procedures during simulated crisis situations.

-          address and test specific security needs.

-          provide feedback on the clarity and accuracy of your security plan.

-          place a sense of the demands that your security plan will place on the organization during a crisis.

-          provide an inexpensive view of decisions and action flow in critical areas, such as - Disaster Recovery, Security, Terrorist Threat and Threat Mitigation, Staff Functioning,  and Communications.


Our exercises are tailored to specific objectives and goals for your industry. They are designed to strengthen internal departmental relationships, refine critical processes, validate security plans, and enhance interoperability efforts among key resource providers.


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